Hik connect for PC - (Download for windows 7/8/10)


Been through the worry of home security and surveillance?

Especially when you are away from home and want to keep an eye on what’s going on at home?

Hik connect for pc is the solution.

Hik connect for laptop

Hik connect is an app that works on android and IOS both, with accessibility to the live view of your house via the Hikvision series DVRs, NVRs and Cameras.It also includes intercom facility that allows user to take calls from intercom and much more.

This mobile client is used to manage Hike-vision products remotely sitting anywhere in the world on an android 4.1 or later device.

Just by doing this small process, you will save a lot of your time which you probably spend worrying about your home or even business security.

And a lot of money if you hire a person to do the thing. You might end up giving the same amount of time to the person you hire by managing him or her, telling them what to do and what not to do and you end up spending money and time both.

With a simple procedure where you don’t need knowledge of any kind of rocket science and need to download an app, register on it like you would register on Facebook and you are good to go.
Simple and easy to use.

But the thing is,when you are someone who sits in front of laptop most of the times, it’s hard to switch back and forth to mobile to be ensure safety of your loved once.

So we bring you the ways to use Hik connect for pc. 

2.Hike connect for pc

Hik connect for pc brings you the ease to keep check of home with just one click on pc while you are working.It’s as easy as installing an app on your mobile.
Now, there are two ways of doing this. One, using installing Andy OS and second, using bluestack app on pc.
We are explaining step by step process to download Hik connect for pc, both on Andy OS and Bluestack.

 (i) How to install Hik connect on Andy OS

Andy OS is an operating system which works like a medium to run android apps on pc.You DON’T need to load a new OS on your pc for that.It works like a software on pc.

Here is the step by step process to install Hik connect on Andy OS –

Step 1.First download and install Andy OS on your pc.

Don’t know how to do that?

No worries, here is a detailed video on how to install Andy OS on PC.Check it here –

Step 2.After installing Andy OS, open it and download the Hik connect app from play store on Andy OS.This APK suitable for  hik connect for pc.

Step 3.Then, Install the on Andy OS.

Step 4.Now Open Andy OS and look for the app, click on it.

Step 5.Done

(ii) How to install Hik connect on bluestack

Here is the step by step process to install Hik connect on Bluestack –

Step 1. First download and install Bluestack on your pc.

Don’t know how to do that?

No worries, here is a detailed video on how to install Bluestack on PC.Check it here –

Step 2.After installing Bluestack, open it and download the Hik connect app from play store on Bluestack.This APK suitable for  hik connect for pc.

Step 3.Then, Install the Hike connect app on Bluestack.

Step 4.Now Open Bluestack and look for the app, click on it.

Step 5.Done.

How Hik connect features like online view and more stands out

Online view

Like every other security device, hik connect supports basic features like live view, recording of your footage and managing it through a remote device.

But what they have done to stand out and make most out of security camera is there additional features which remains in core demand of any person who really gives importance to security.

Hik vision cameras supports 8x zoom in online view, right from the device you are operating it.Which makes it easier to zoom in and see what is really going, on a particular spot in the view.

Adjust speed, pan and tilt

Ok.Let me put a situation in front of you.

You opened your app on pc to see what is going on at your home and business place.The live view just pop up on your screen and while you are watching it you found something suspicious on the down or up side of the camera angle.

Now, what if your camera and its app controls do not support to adjust speed of the camera moving and changing its direction by tilting and panning it?

That’s where Hik stand out.

It supports tilting and panning of camera using in app controllers so that you can view everywhere in the place it is installed.

And adjusting speed according to your need makes it easier to look at things more precisely.

Two way Audio intercom

Hik vison camera supports two way audio intercom which means you can talk to the one you are seeing in camera and the one who is in front of camera can talk to you as well.

This make it easier in lots of situations where you can see the person but can’t talk because your camera do not have any microphone attached to it.

Open door function

What security means for us is that we want to make sure that anyone who is coming from outside, is allowed to enter in our place or not.

To make it easier, Hik connect can attach with your door functionality so that you can give command from your Hik connect for pc app to Hik connect device, to open or to not open the door for the person standing outside.

This is a great way to filter out someone you don’t want to enter into your house, right at the door step.

Answer outdoor call from pc

Someone important coming to your house or business when you are not there, how do you deal with it?

Hik connect for pc comes with an intercom which lets you pick a call from someone outside your house, right into your pc.Take the call, get to know the message he or she has got for you and keep the things simple when you are enjoying your holidays.

Alarm notification

Your home security device and your devices are connected remotely but you are not going to keep the app open and keep an eye on your place for all the day, right?

No worries. This device comes with an alarm notification system which sends you a notification when someone is on your door or at your place, just like you get a notification when someone sends you a message on WhatsApp.

Fingerprint login

The only problem with advanced digital technology is that it is hack able at most of its levels.
And for the things like home or business security, this could turn into a disaster.

Although there are more technologies like facial recognition but the problem with these technologies is that they are ,one expensive in its purest form and second, they sometimes fails to recognize the owner as well.

So for this drawback, the Hik connect for pc comes with fingerprint technology, which can prevent most of the hacking attract.

This is one of the most efficient technology available today, to secure the thing which secure us.

Visitor mode

This one is my favorite.

And I have got reasons for that.

We always have some people in our life whom trust and can let handle our personals for a bit.
So using this feature, one can share access to the device to someone else.

Which means you can let someone see the live view and grant permission to handle calls, intercom and notifications.

Final words

There are lot’s off apps for pc which lets you connect with your security devices at your home or business.

Hik connect for pc is one of the highly rated app for security and surveillance.It’s easy to use, updating at fair interval of time and light weight which makes it easy to use on a simulator, on laptop or pc.

Here we explained how to use Hik connect for pc using simulators like Andy and Bluestack.
Hope we solved your problem.

Let us know in comments what else you want to know about using hik connect for pc or laptop.Also let us know if there is any other simulator or other way we can use Hik connect for pc.

Till then, have fun. 


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