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In this post we are going to talk about, the ways we can use XMeye for pc.

Let’s start from, how XMeye stands out from other cloud server apps?

Let’s say you have some different-different CCTV cameras installed in your place.

Now, for every camera, there comes their monitoring app and you don’t want to keep jumping from one app to other to keep eye on your place.

That’s where the XMeye app comes in play.

XMeye app is multi-cam monitoring app which lets you connect to any of your CCTV devices. All you need is the serial number of the device.

Now, what is more interesting is, that this service is totally free.

Yes, from the live view of the camera to video recording, the service is free to use. We don’t assure the quality of service here as the recording will be done at 10 FPS with 0.5 Meg per frame which will be not as good as premium recoding.

But hey you are getting it for absolutely free.

Now, let’s jump to our main concern, how to use XMeye for pc, where we will be talking about, in detail, the ways we can use it on pc.

XMeye for pc

If you were looking for XMeye for pc and you landed on this page, your purpose is clear.

You want to explore ways you can use XMeye on pc.

But if you are not looking for it and just thinking “hey let me see if I can use it on pc?”

Yes, you can.

If you are someone who spends more time, sitting in front of a laptop than and do not want the hectic to switch between pc and mobile to just see what is going on at your place, then you are at right place.

XMeye for pc will solve your hectic and you will be using this free app on your pc.

Now coming straight to the point, there are two possible ways you can access XMeye on pc.

One is emulator way where you will install an android emulator on your pc and download XMeye apk to use the service,

The other way is browser way, where you may register on their cloud service and access it using a laptop browser.

We are explaining both the ways below you can do it. Choose the one whichever fits you best.

How to use XMeye for pc using emulator

Setting up XMeye for pc using emulator is as simple as it sounds.

First, you need to download and install an android emulator which will let you use XMeye apk on pc.

An android emulator is a kind of a mediator between your android app and pc.

There are many android emulators available to download for free on the internet. Like bluestack and 

Andy and lots more.

Just download your desired android emulator, install it on pc.

Once you are done doing that, either download the XMeye apk from mirror websites or you can simply go to play store on the emulator and install the app.

It works fine both ways.

That’s pretty much it.

If you want to know the detailed process of how to use an android app on pc using emulators, head towards our post on Hik connect for pc where we explained the process in detail.

Ok. Now when you have understood the way to use XMeye for pc using emulator, let’s move on to our next way, which is an alternative way to use XMeye on pc using a browser.

XMeye for pc download: Where and how to download

We talked about two ways you use the XMeye app on the emulator.

If you are installing it using play store, then you may simply skip this step.

But if you find any difficulties in installing the using the play store in the emulator, let us tell you how do you install the app without the play store.

So the procedure is somewhat similar to mobile.

Before you move on to the procedure, make sure you have installed the emulator.

Step 1. First, all you need to do is to download the XMeye APK file. We are mentioning some mirror links below where you can download the APK file.

Step 2. Locate your APK file. Now you will observe that the file’s icon is changed in the emulator icon like for bluestack, your file will be in bluestack icon.

Just to give you an idea, this will be similar to a case where when we download a video file and when we locate it, its icon will be VLC player icon if we have VLC player installed.

Step 3. Double click on the APK file and it will open up the emulator.

Step 4. It will install the APK in a similar way it installs on mobile.

Step 5. Once the installation is complete, just locate your XMeye app in your emulator’s app menu.
That’s all.

How to use XMeye for pc using a browser

Like every other CCTV cloud server service, XMeye is also available to be accessed through browsers.

This way of using XMeye for pc is also very easy to use and it saves you a lot of time and effort which you pull off installing emulator.

All you need to do is to go to their website, get yourself and your device register and that’s it.
Here are the detailed steps.

XMeye cloud login setup

Step 1. Open your browser (Internet Explorer is recommended by some website as it lets plugin update automatically.)

Step 2. Go to www.xmeye.net

Step 3. Here is something how the main page will look like. Click on the register option.

Step 4. Fill all the details and press ok.

Step 5. And that is it. You are now registered.

Step 6. Head over to login page (which you will be automatically redirected after registration), input your username and password and click login.

After logging in, you will land on your dashboard and you may add your devices now.

Step 7. To add your device, simply click on the " device manage " option, and then add the device.

Step 8. There you will be asked to enter device serial number which will be the serial number of your device, Device name, username, and password of your device.

That’s all.

You can monitor your CCTV devices from there now.

XMeye for mac

Using XMeye for mac is pretty similar to using XMeye for pc.

All the steps above apply to mac pc.

There is just one exception which is when using XMeye for mac using emulator, download your emulator file which is compatible with mac pc.

For now, emulators websites like bluestack.com automatically detects your OS version and gives you download accordingly.

Once you are done doing that, install the APK, register yourself and your device and you are good to go.

Final words

Ok, so final words for the app XMeye for pc.

There are lots of CCTV cloud server companies who provide CCTV cloud service on the internet. 

Some of them are paid while on the other hand some of them are free.

XMeye is a free CCTV cloud server app which gives you similar functions to paid services.

Let’s address the elephant in the room, this service is useful because it is free of cost even while hosting your video recording data on their server which cost them. What else one can expect from a free service.

Plus, you get multiple ways to use XMeye for pc. Be it on an emulator or your browser.

So try this free app. See if it works for you and if you find it useful, thank us later.

Also, if you find any other free service like this, let us know in the comment section below.

Hope we resolved your issue.


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